26 Apr 2015

Sunday School #5| Letter From| Malmö |26 Apr 2015

Sunday School #5
Letter From Malmö
Curated by Amanprit Sandhu

‘Letter From Malmö’ was a one day exhibition that took place on 26 April, looking at culture and contemporary art in Malmö, Sweden.

It featured works by artists Hans Carlsson, Maj Hasager, EvaMarie Lindahl, alongside fanzines and ephemera.

Lisa Nyberg, an artist and educator who co-found Malmö Free University for Women (2006-11), travelled to London to be in conversation with DAM PROJECTS.

DAM PROJECTS’ documentary film provides a snapshot of art and cultural activities taking place in the city and features interviews with artists including Maj Hasager, Max Solca, Ingela Ihrman, Lisa Nyberg, Cultural Producer Oyuki Matsumoto, and Rundgång Rekords owner Dennis Lood.

Exhibition opening times: 2 – 8pm

In conversation with Lisa Nyberg: 4pm



Lisa Nyberg and EvaMarie Lindahl, 'A Revelation that Must be Heard', 2014 2:10 HD video
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