23 August 2015

SUNDAY SCHOOL #9| DUVAL TIMOTHY: | Keep it up | 23 AUGUST 2015

Sunday School #9
Duval Timothy:
Keep it up
Curated by Daniella Rose King

Duval Timothy presented ‘Keep it up’, the ninth exhibition in DAM PROJECTS’ Sunday School Series. ‘Keep it up’ extracts and reconfigures motifs from sport, politics and marketing and their associated industries to explore the act of coming together to spectate, celebrate and interact, enticing the audience to do so also. Colour and form are carefully considered, with special emphasis on pure red, yellow and blue – for their inherent symbolism and application in sport and advertising. Poised just before London’s Notting Hill Carnival and the bank holiday weekend, Timothy’s solo show invited viewers to come together and keep it up; a mantra interpreted metaphorically, emotionally and literally.

Exhibition opening times:

2 – 8 pm


A_SPACE, 38 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9HF

Keep It Up installation view
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