25 Jan 2015

Sunday School #2 | Alice Khalilova:| Broken Tusk | 25 January 2015

Sunday School #2

Alice Khalilova:
Broken Tusk
Curated by Morgan Quaintance

For the second exhibition in DAM PROJECTS’ Sunday School series, London-based multimedia artist Alice Khalilova presented ‘Broken Tusk’.

An ambitious new installation and surround sound video project saw Khalilova continue her investigation into the various ontological grey areas of our information age; examining what may be perceived as active and inactive objects and exploring the intersections of technological advancement and spirituality.

Using diverse materials including hand made porcelain, wax casts and readymade objects, Khalilova’s sculptures, like her print based works, aimed to communicate a kind of slippage, a confusion between the edges of the material signifiers that make up their constituting parts. The video work, produced with a range of high and low definition equipment, unfolded as a more traditional narrative that distinguished between desire and seduction as both tools and concepts integral to the reading of culture and experience in a techno-centric world.



Broken Tusk overview
Exhibition trailer for Alice Khalilova's solo show 'Broken Tusk'.
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