2 August 2015

Sunday School #8| Letter From| Cape Town| 2 August 2015

Sunday School #8
Letter From Cape Town
Curated by Morgan Quaintance

This project has been supported by the SA-UK seasons 2014 & 2015, a partnership between the Department of Arts and Culture, South Africa and the British Council.

‘Letter From Cape Town’, a collaborative project connecting South Africa and the UK, was a one day exhibition taking place on 2 August, 2015.

The exhibition featured Atang Tshikari, Lin Sampson, Billy Monk, the UCT Trans Collective and the premier of a documentary shot by DAM PROJECTS over a two week period in the city.

Through attention paid to current social, economic and political developments in the city, the exhibition sought to provide a context against which developments in art, architecture and activism could be read and understood.

The documents, photographs, moving images, observations and artworks presented were what we found, borrowed,  filmed, experienced or were given during our time there. As such, what we offered our audience was a glimpse into Cape Town that will hopefully encourage visitors to dig deeper into its past, present and possible future.


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Letter From Cape Town (2015), 40 Minute documentary. Dir: Morgan Quaintance
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