29 Mar 2015

Sunday School #4 | Helena Hunter: REFERRAL | 29 March 2015

Sunday School #4
Helena Hunter:
Curated by Amanprit Sandhu

For the fourth exhibition in DAM PROJECTS’ Sunday School series, London-based artist Helena Hunter presented ‘Referral’.

‘Referral’ developed out of a fictional text written by Hunter in which performance artist Kym Carson is referred to a ʻOptical Instituteʼ as she can no longer distinguish between what is objective and subjective in the world, and believes the institute has rendered her body an object.

Comprised of text works, sculptural objects and single-channel video works, the exhibition documented and presented the tests and referrals that Carson is subjected to.

The presentation of works sought to play with museological and exhibition display strategies, and was concerned with the nature of looking and seeing, continuing Hunters’ ongoing interest in the ocular.

At its core ʻReferralʼ alluded to Hunterʼs own position and relationship to performance and the institute, and operated as a performed narrative.

Hunter’s fictional text developed as part of the exhibition can be downloaded from the top of this page.



Exhibition trailer for Helena Hunter's solo show 'Referral'.
The Optical Institute logo, 2015, prototype for a print, digital file.
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