No Person’s Land


No Person’s Land is a project initiated by Amanprit Sandhu that invites curators and cultural workers to the UK to think and work together with DAM PROJECTS. The project aims to foreground critical voices and work taking place internationally by peers.

No Person’s Land uses joint research to enact how alternative structures might be formed between peers based on shared commitments and support; mapping a terrain between practice, thinking and being.

In February 2018, Canadian curator and cultural worker cheyanne turions visited the UK.


No Reading After the Internet
cheyanne turions, DAM PROJECTS AND Seecum Cheung

Thursday 15 February 2018, 18: 00 pm

The Showroom63 Penfold St, London, NW8 8PQ | Free – all welcome

Initiated in 2008 by cheyanne turions, with Amy Lynn Kazymerchyk and Alexander Muir, No Reading After the Internet is a salon series dealing with cultural texts, which are read aloud by participants. The particular urgency of the project is in reforming publics and experimenting with the act of reading, as its own media form, in our moment.

As part of No Person’s Land, a salon was facilitated by Seecum Cheung, Amanprit Sandhu and cheyanne turions.  This iteration of No Reading featured three texts, chosen collaboratively.

Excerpts were drawn from the following texts: WHEREAS by Layli Long Soldier (2017), which dissects the language of settler occupation through prose poetry; Saving Solidarity: Feminism and Nationalism in the Third World by Rafia Zakaria (2016), which addresses two audiences directly—western feminists and feminists in the global south in essayistic form; and The Unwomanly Face of War by Svetlana Alexievich (1985), which chronicles the experiences of the Soviet women who fought on the front lines of the Second World War, stories that have remained absent from official narratives.

Seecum Cheung is a visual artist based between London and Rotterdam. Working primarily with moving image, her current work is an ongoing series of films based upon interviews and encounters with leading specialists in the field of right-wing radicalism, human rights organizations and activist refugee groups. Her films include coverage of the 2017 Dutch elections (The Dutch Window, 2017) with writer, musician, broadcaster and curator Morgan Quaintance, and extensive interviews on the rise of the far-right in Germany with political journalist Richard Cooke with SBS Public Broadcasters (Interview with Lennart, 2016). Recent exhibitions include solo presentations at Syndkt Gallery, Brussels, and Grand Union, Birmingham (both 2017). She is a recipient of the Anni and Heinrich Sussmann Award 2015/16.

cheyanne turions is a curator, cultural worker and writer currently based in Canada. From the farmlands of Treaty 8, she is of settler and Indigenous ancestry. Her work positions exhibitions and criticism as social gestures, where she responds to artistic practices by linking aesthetics and politics through discourse. From 2008–2017, she was the director of No Reading After the Internet. She is a founding member of EMILIA–AMALIA, an exploratory working group that employs practices of citation, annotation, and autobiography as modes of activating feminist praxis. Currently, turions is the Director of Education and Public Programs at the Vancouver Art Gallery and on the Board of Directors at 221A.

The event was supported by and held at The Showroom.





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