17-18 Oct 2015


Sunday School #11
Matt Ager
Curated by Amanprit Sandhu

For the eleventh exhibition in DAM PROJECTS’ Sunday School series, London-based artist Matt Ager presented newly commissioned work.

Agers’ sculptures and installations explore the latent language of materials, and in turn our relationship with objects as signifiers of social aspirations and cultural tastes.

Combining found and bought materials, Ager creates facsimiles and hybrids of domestic objects. Rife with socio-economic references his works collapse the hierarchy between everyday materials, creating new visual associations.

For Sunday School #11 Ager presented a series of large vertical forms which punctuated and directed viewers through the exhibition space. Depicting abstract motifs, the formalist aspects of the works were deliberately undermined through the materials used – the ubiquitous roller blind and pvc vinyl. In the same space two wall sculptures comprised of a wallpapered shelf displaying novelty ceramics and operated as display units and sculptural still lifes.

Collectively, the art works proposed an alternative domestic vernacular, where everyday objects had relinquished their original use value, giving way to material artefact and a repository of ‘things’, that alluded to, mimicked, and disrupted their supposed roles and functions.


The exhibition was held at A_SPACE.


Exhibition Trailer
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